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Home Decoration Tips

Whether you are looking to accent a room simply by adding a piece of oak, cherry, maple or hickory furniture or you want to redecorate your entire home, The Amish Furniture Gallery offers some tips you may find useful when decorating with hardwood furniture. 

Use one large piece of furniture as the focal point. You may choose an oak hutch with a golden oak finish complimented by a deep ebony table. This move makes that special piece the star of the room while creating an impressive impact.

Keep larger pieces in the same wood tone. You can incorporate darker or lighter tones through smaller accent pieces like picture frames and corner tables. Keeping the major pieces in the same wood tones will provide a more connected impression.

Match Undertones. Take a look at your wood flooring notice the hits of dark and light, accent a room with pieces that connect with those shades. Do the same with mantles, major pieces of furniture and the architectural tongue & groove you may have in your home.

Contrast the floor & furniture. Match a light floor with wood furniture in a deeper darker stain. Darker flooring can be matched with lighter tones as well.

Accessorizes to blend wood tones. When changing from room to room, your major pieces of furniture will probably have different tones. Incorporate accent pieces in tones used in other rooms to make the transition smooth.

Please check back for more home decorating ideas from The Amish Furniture Gallery.