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Caring for Your Custom Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture Care
Thank you for choosing The Amish Furniture Gallery. With proper care, our Oak and Hardwood furniture will provide a lifetime of beauty and durability to you. 

Hardwood furniture offers a variation in the color and grain. These unique characteristics make it impossible to guarantee an exact match in finish between two pieces of furniture, even though an identical finish may be applied. These are the characteristics that give solid wood furniture its unique charm. 

The majority of solid woods are open grained. Your solid wood furniture breathes, expands & contracts with temperature and humidity changes even after protective finishes have been applied. Care needs to be taken to control the furniture’s environment.

Your First Two Months:
Take extra care: Premium finishes that protect your furniture require 30-60 days to achieve full cure for maximum protection of the wood. During this time, use caution to protect the finish. Do not place hot materials on the furniture. If an item is too hot to touch with your hand it should NOT be placed directly on the surface of the furniture. Avoid using table pads and place mats. Refrain from placing heavy objects on the furniture. The finish will eventually achieve its full protective properties. Provide extra-tender care for the first two months – and ensure your investment lasts a lifetime.